Volant farmer Richard Telesz running for U.S. House District 16 Democratic nomination

VOLANT — Richard Telesz believes everything that stands the test of time in a community starts from the bottom to the top.

This means he believes a community should have a strong foundation with a focus on children and the family structure, in order to succeed.

It is the philosophy behind “Families First” that inspired Telesz to run for the U.S. House District 16, during the May 17 Democratic primary election.

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The district contains all of Erie, Crawford, Mercer, and Lawrence counties, and part of Butler County, and is represented by Republican incumbent Mike Kelly.

Telesz is a lifelong Lawrence County resident, who has worked at and is one of the owners of Telesz Farms in Volant, which he describes as a true family-run and family-oriented farm.


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